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  • a systems approach to physical activity for policy makers

    This guide, Getting Australia Active III (GAAIII), aims to build greater understanding and capacity among government policy makers to employ a whole-of-systems approach (WSA) to increase physical activity (PA) in…

  • pathways from awareness to outcomes in the verb-tm campaign 2002-2003

    Background: The McGuire hierarchy-of-effects (HOE) model, used extensively in mass-media interventions to describe the mechanisms for understanding effects, has not been tested in physical activity campaigns. Design: Data collected at…

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  • are gp's getting the message?

    Background: Physical inactivity is an important but under recognised risk factor for chronic disease. This study explored changes in general practitioners’ perceptions and practices in relation to addressing physical activity…

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  • a validation study using accelerometers as an objective measure

    A primary aim of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) cohort study is to examine the association between total physical activity levels (comprising occupational, household and recreational…

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