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  • baseline assessment of the capacity available to the 'New ParticipACTION', a qualitative study of Canadian organizations

    Evaluation of the original ParticipACTION campaign effects focused on individual awareness, recall, and understanding. Less studied has been the impact such campaigns have had on the broader organizational capacity to…

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  • baseline assessment of the 'new ParticipACTION', a quantitative survey of Canadian organizational awareness and capacity

    ParticipACTION is a Canadian physical activity (PA) communications and social marketing organization that was relaunched in 2007 after a six-year hiatus. This study assesses the baseline awareness and capacity of…

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  • awareness of the participACTION campaign among Canadian adults, examining the knowledge gap hypothesis and a hierarchy-of-effects model

    ParticipACTION was a pervasive communication campaign that promoted physical activity in the Canadian population for three decades. According to McGuire’s hierarchy-of-effects model (HOEM), this campaign should influence physical activity through…

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  • facts and future

    This article summarizes the main findings from the papers included in this journal supplement. It consolidates the evidence currently available to inform and advance the development of physical activity guidelines…

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  • a meta-analysis of selected environmental characteristics

    Background: Several narrative reviews have been conducted on the literature examining environmental correlates of physical activity (PA). To date these reviews have been unable to provide definitive summaries of observed…

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