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  • understanding physical inactivity among 50-70 year olds

    This research shows that everybody knows that being physically active is good for them; ignorance of the benefits is not the issue. But there are complex practical, psychological, and emotional…

  • evidence on attitudes and on the role of the built environment

    This evidence review reveals the things encouraging people to participate in ‘active travel’ include the prospect of improving physical and mental health, being outdoors, feeling independent and in control, and preparing…

  • a review of quantitative systematic reviews

    To increase young people’s physical activity (PA) levels it is important to understand the correlates of PA in children and adolescents. We sought to identify factors associated with children’s and…

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  • an exploration of literature

    To reverse the global epidemic of physical inactivity that is responsible for more than 5 million deaths per year, many groups recommend creating “activity-friendly environments.” Such environments may have other…

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  • for physical activity interventions

    The framework identifies and explains the information that should be collected in any evaluation of an intervention that aims to increase participation in physical activity. In particular it provides guidance…

  • review of the current scientific evidence

    This report was commissioned by the Department of Health’s Cross Government Obesity Unit to provide expert input into the process of developing recommendations on limiting time spent being sedentary. This…

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