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  • a consensus statement on the risks of physical activity for people living with long-term conditions

    The benefits of taking part in physical activity “outweigh the risks” for people with long-term health conditions.  This review of scientific evidence and expert clinical consensus has found physical activity…

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  • a scoping review of physical activity messaging

    While it is unlikely to address global inactivity on its own, Physical activity (PA) messaging may play a valuable role improving population PA levels. However, it is a complex and…

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  • a systematic review of mechanisms

    Context: Physical activity can improve cognitive and mental health, but the underlying mechanisms have not been established. Objective: To present a conceptual model explaining the mechanisms for the effect of…

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  • a blueprint for making physical activity appealing to youth

    Scientific evidence shows that physical inactivity is a leading risk factor for ill health, going well beyond issues related to weight control and influencing both physical and mental well-being. Over…

  • methodology and user guide, economic assessment of transport infrastructure and policies

    The promotion of cycling and walking for everyday physical activity not only promotes health but can also have positive effects on the environment. This booklet summarizes the tools and guidance…

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  • furness families walk4life

    The Furness Families Walk4Life pilot project was delivered by the Ramblers in partnership with Action for Children between May and August 2009. A formative evaluation of the Furness Families Walk4Life…