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  • health and health systems

    This report summarizes facts and public health trends in the European Region and discusses the strengthening of health systems in each of their functions: service delivery, resource generation, financing and…

  • a report prepared for the European Commission conference on youth health, Brussels, Belgium, 9-10 July 2009

    This report has been prepared by the WHO Regional Office for Europe for the European Commission conference, Youth health initiative: be healthy, be yourself, held in Brussels, Belgium on 9…

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  • European network for the promotion of healthenhancing physical activity, report of a WHO meeting 10 September 2008 Glasgow, United Kingdom

    Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) took place on 10 September 2008. It was hosted by the Scottish Physical Activity Research Collaboration (SPARColl) with the Strathclyde University in Glasgow, United Kingdom and…

  • a European framework to promote physical activity for health

    Physical activity is one of the major lifestyle-related health determinants. Widespread acknowledgement of this fact is vitally important in addressing the impact of physical inactivity on the risk of developing…