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  • community-based rehabilitation in rural regions

    This book describes the development of a differentiated network of disability care in a developing rural area consisting of a number of townships in South Africa. The network includes residential…

  • a scoping review

    This study provides an updated collation of self-report sitting time globally. The daily sitting time findings should be interpreted cautiously. Sitting time data were collected in 62 of 215 countries,…

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  • an interpretative research on sensemaking of safe spaces in sport for development programs in Kenya

    This thesis researches sensemaking of the notion of safe spaces in Sport for Development (SfD) programs in Kenya. Two organizations that offer SfD programs, TYSA and Amani Kibera, were used…

  • modernization, dependency and the role of 'the West' in Kenyan athletics

    In this thesis the author wants to give an answer to the question ‘What’s the role of ‘the West’ on Kenyan athletics?’. In order to accomplish this, the author conducts…

  • the exploitation of minor football labour migrants: policy responses to trafficked subSaharan African football talents in Europe

    Processes of migration in a globalising world can be understood through football. The migration of minor sub-Saharan African footballers contains features of irregular migration, human trafficking and exploitation. Policy responses…

  • the dynamics of African sports

    ‘Unlikely heroes’ is a book about the power and dynamism of sport in Africa. Journalist Marc Broere and photographer/documentary filmmaker Pieter van der Houwen visited top African sportsmen and women…

  • Dit boek belicht de achtergronden van Afrikaanse voetballers: de verwachtingen van het voetbalpubliek, het belang dat men in Afrika hecht aan flair en entertainment, de sociale positie van profvoetballers en…

  • prevention of falls in older persons, Africa case study

    Falls are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the elderly. A fall results from an interaction of intrinsic and extrinsic factors as well as situational factors and commonly…

  • Geschiedenis van de lichamelijke oefening met in deel 6: perspectieven van de wereldsport; Commonwealth staten, Afrika, Azië en Latijns-Amerika.