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  • a living legacy, transformed into a major urban centre

    The Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games were the catalyst for the creation of Sydney Olympic Park. Although the Games have moved on, the legacy of the Park with its…

  • park news, january 2006, issue 9

    Nummer 9 van ‘Sydney Olympic Park, Park news’ (januari 2006).

  • The Master of Sport Business aims to provide students with an understanding of the distinguishing features of the business of sport and how these features impact on the application of…

  • establishing a physically literate & active nation (game plan)

    Physical literacy and active lifestyles allow children to be fitter, smarter, happier and healthier, for life. This report reviews the evidence for the above relationships in relation to a physical…

  • megatrends shaping the sports sector over coming decades, a consultancy report for the Australian Sports Commission

    This report identifies six megatrends likely to shape the Australian sports sector over the next 30 years. A megatrend represents an important pattern of social, economic or environmental change. Megatrends…

  • moving towards excellence

    Papers gepresenteerd in het kader van het wereldcongres van de Association Internationale des Ecoles Superieures d’Education (AIESEP) in 1990. Tijdens het congres stonden vijf thema’s centraal: sportpedagogiek; sport voor speciale…

  • are gp's getting the message?

    Background: Physical inactivity is an important but under recognised risk factor for chronic disease. This study explored changes in general practitioners’ perceptions and practices in relation to addressing physical activity…

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