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  • report, European youth

    Rapport met gegevens over jeugdparticipatie in vrijwilligerswerk, organisaties of verkiezingen.

  • Column van Remco Hoekman in SportLokaal (Jaargang: 2010) over de Eurobarometer 2009, waarbij wordt in gegaan op hoe Nederland het nu eigenlijk doet op sportgebied in Europees perspectief.

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  • Column van Koen Breedveld in Sport & Strategie (Jaargang: 2010) over het gepubliceerde ‘Eurobarometer’ onderzoek, waar in wordt gesteld dat Nederland het Europese land is met het hoogste percentage verenigingssporters…

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  • content analysis of 27 national policy documents

    Background: Over the past years there has been increasing interest in physical activity promotion and the development of appropriate policy. So far, there has been no comprehensive overview of the…

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  • a cross-national comparative perspective

    This book outlines the private sport sector in different European countries. Sport in the European countries is organized in three distinct sectors. These are the state/public sector, which provides financial…

  • national policy approaches to increasing physical activity in seven European countries

    Background: Physical inactivity is one of the four leading behavioural risk factors for non-communicable disease (NCD). Like tobacco control, increasing levels of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) will require a national…

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  • European research project 2015-2017, findings for policy makers and practitioners in England and Wales

    Drawing on findings from the research project ‘Social Inclusion and Volunteering in Sports Clubs in Europe’ (SIVSCE) conducted between 2015-2017, this report covers the following points: How government and sports…