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  • an umbrella review of 23 health outcomes across 158 observational studies

    Objective: Physical activity (PA) has substantial benefits across a range of health outcomes. There is uncertainty about the PA-specific health effects, and in particular, the occupational domain. In this umbrella…

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  • a prospective study on compositional accelerometer data and long-term sickness absence

    Background: The ‘physical activity paradox’ advocates that leisure physical activity promotes health while high occupational physical activity impairs health. However, this paradox can be explained by methodological limitations of the…

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  • evidence briefing

    Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of global mortality, and many of the leading causes of ill health in today’s society, such as coronary heart disease, cancer and type…

  • the importance of play for the development of children in health and disease

    Play is of vital importance for the healthy development of children. From a developmental perspective, play offers ample physical, emotional, cognitive, and social benefits. It allows children and adolescents to…

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  • a pooled analysis of 358 population-based surveys with 1.9 million participants

    Insufficient physical activity is a leading risk factor for non-communicable diseases, and has a negative effect on mental health and quality of life. This article describes levels of insufficient physical…

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  • In het kader van het topic ‘Zet je vak op de kaart’ wil ik je als docent LO graag een voorbeeld geven vanuit het speciaal onderwijs. In mijn 25-jarig dienstverband…

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  • Deze website geeft volledig overzicht van de kosten van de Nederlandse gezondheidszorg onderverdeeld naar zorgsector en -functie, ziekte, leeftijd, geslacht en financiering.