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  • the impact of major life events on sport participation

    The social significance of sport has surged in recent decades, and promoting sport participation has become a priority in governmental policies and campaigns related to sports, physical activity, and health.…

  • hersenontwikkeling en sociaal gedrag in relatie tot lichamelijke opvoeding

    Elke vakdocent lichamelijke opvoeding kan beamen dat er veel gebeurt in het hoofd van een puber. Naast lichamelijke veranderingen die ontstaan tijdens de puberteit, ontwikkelt het kind zich cognitief, emotioneel…

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  • what can we learn from student perspectives?

    Regular physical activity (PA) contributes to lifelong health and well-being. Adolescents in the Netherlands do not engage in sufficient PA, leading to serious health risks. The purpose of this study…

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  • an exploration of the use of quantitative statistics to determine the role of urban design of public space in Westland, the Netherlands, in encouraging adolescents to be more physically active

    The objective of this thesis is to explore the role of urban design in contributing to increase activity levels of adolescents using quantitative statistics. Literature review is used to identify…

  • an umbrella review

    Background: This umbrella review aimed to summarise the evidence presented in systematic reviews and meta-analyses regarding the effect of physical activity on academic achievement of school-age children and adolescents. Methods:…

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