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  • the impact of major life events on sport participation

    The social significance of sport has surged in recent decades, and promoting sport participation has become a priority in governmental policies and campaigns related to sports, physical activity, and health.…

  • directly measured, moderate physical activity in 65 361 adults is associated with significant protective effects from severe COVID-19 outcomes

    Adults with high and moderate physical activity levels had significantly better outcomes than those with low activity when contracting COVID-19. The apparent protective effects of regular physical activity extended to…

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  • systematic review and meta-analysis

    This systematic review and meta-analysis identified 121 studies with 141 comparisons investigating the effect of PAMs (physcial activity monitors). The authors summarise the results from 16743 unique participants and provide…

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  • factsheet 2022/4

    Sinds 2001 beoefenen volwassen Nederlanders steeds vaker sporten waar geen anderen voor nodig zijn. Dat blijkt uit een data-analyse van het Mulier Instituut. Sportdeelname van volwassenen: volwassenen beoefenen vooral duursporten…

  • a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised control trials in healthy ambulatory adults

    Although limited by small sample sizes and short follow up periods, this review suggests that interventions specifically designed to change sedentary behaviour, reduce overall daily sitting time by half an…

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  • een kans om gezonde leefstijl te bevorderen?

    Stichting Life Goals biedt sportprogramma’s voor kwetsbare volwassenen waarbij inclusiviteit voorop staat. Omdat veel gezondheidswinst valt te behalen onder de deelnemers, onderzocht Wageningen University and Research in hoeverre de sportprogramma’s…

  • Stichting Life Goals biedt sportprogramma’s voor kwetsbare volwassenen die moeite hebben om actief mee de doen in onze maatschappij (bijv. daklozen, verslaafden). Met het 4-jarige project Life Experience Through Sport…

  • a 23-year follow-up from teenager to adult about lifestyle and health

    Third monograph of the Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study (AGAHLS) reports on trends in life-syle and health from the ages of 13 to 36.