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The subaims of the ATHLETES 4 SOCIETY project are the following:

  1. Evaluating the public value: Cross-country examination of the attributed public value of athletes as a role model and (elite) sport by the population
  2. Stimulating and empowering public value: Setup, launch and award the ‘European Athletes 4 Society Challenge’.
  3. Managing and creating public value: Develop and pilot-test the innovative ‘Athletes 4 Society’ toolkit and bootcamp for sport organisations on how they can successfully utilise athletes to manage the societal impact of their sport.

Athletes 4 society is a 3-year project (2021 – 2023) led by Research group Sport and Society of The Vrije Universiteit of Brussels (Belgium) with the following partners Utrecht University (the Netherlands), Institute for Sport Governance (Poland), Sport Evolution Alliance (Portugal), Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity Netherlands, Czech Olympic Committee / Czech Coaches Academy, KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports (Finland), Kinetic Analysis (the Netherlands) and Bilendi SA (France). December 2021, the first consortium meeting will take place in Ede (NL) and a symposium on the subject will be organised at Utrecht University.

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Empowering the public value of sport through athletes as role models

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